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What is a “Roll-Over” for my Business?


As you may already know, or as you may have read in other blogs on our website, a corporation has the status of a legal person in law. This means that the Corporation itself is separate and distinct from its shareholders and directors. As such, property owned by the corporation does not directly belong to […]

Considerations for child and spousal support


There are many myths and misconceptions about the ways in which entitlements and calculations are made on both child and spousal support. Understanding the basics is important to accurately assess your legal rights and obligation How is base monthly child support determined? The first consideration is determining your role in the parenting regime. Is it […]

What is a Monoline lender and why might I use one?

Real estate lawyers image of house

What is a Monoline Lender? Whether buying your first home or investing in a commercial property, you may require financing. There are many different options for obtaining financing. One option is what is known as a Monoline Lender.People are often unfamiliar with the term Monoline Lender. Instead of Monoline Lenders marketing directly to consumers such […]

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