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Other law firms may use the terms “Corporate Lawyer” or “Commercial Lawyer”, but at Main Street Law LLP we prefer the term “Business Law Lawyer” as we know from being involved in our Communities that our Business Law clients are the backbone of their Communities and that our clients refer to themselves as Business Owners. We know our clients by name, not as a number, and we know their businesses and families as well. We value and Respect these entrepreneurial individuals and the challenges they face in creating their own success through their businesses.

With nearly 100 years of combined experience, our Business Law Lawyers know very well the types of challenges that our Business Law clients have to address to succeed.

Our skilled and experienced Business Law Lawyers and their assistants work with our Business Law clients Collaboratively and pro-actively, to provide practical and efficient, custom Business Law solutions to their Business Law concerns.


Our Business Law Lawyers can work with you on any of these common business concerns;

  • Forming your Corporation, Partnership, or Joint Venture Structure;
  • Buying and Selling Assets or Shares;
  • Employment Concerns and Wrongful Dismissal Concerns;
  • Financing your business;
  • Tax Free Roll Overs, or other Corporate Re-Organization;
  • Creditor Protection;
  • Debt Collection;
  • Unanimous Shareholder Agreements (USA);
  • Contract Formation;
  • Builder Liens or other Liens;
  • Shareholder Disputes;
  • Contract and Commercial Disputes;
  • Resolution Services.
  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Condominium Corporation Management or Litigation.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Good Governance.

You can take Action now by contacting any of our Business Law Lawyers today for an initial consultation, to start working towards the ongoing and future success of your Business.

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