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Have you planned your Estate? Life happens, and life changes may require an update to your existing Estate Plan. Without an enforceable Estate Plan in place, your Estate will be administered in accordance with the laws of the Province, which likely is not the outcome you would have planned for.

Our Wills and Estates Planning Lawyers can assist you with preparing:

  • Your Last Will and Testament;
  • Your Personal Directive;
  • An Immediate or and Enduring Power of Attorney; and
  • Possibly a Family Trust.

Our Wills and Estate Lawyers generally consider the first three documents as a comprehensive Estate Plan, with Family Trusts most commonly entered into less frequently. Our Will Planning Lawyers will work Collaboratively with you to address your individual concerns in a timely and efficient manner.

Estate Administration, often referred to as Administration (without a will) or Probate (with a will). Our Estate Administration Lawyers can assist you with the Court Process to obtain Administration or Probate, and related services, which might include:

  • Identifying and dealing with assets;
  • Applying to the Court to appoint a Personal Representative (Executor);
  • Advertising for Creditors;
  • Obtaining a Clearance Certificate from CRA;
  • Applying for benefits from various sources (unions, CPP, etc);
  • Paying specific bequests;
  • Paying Personal Representative compensation and collaborating with the Personal Representative;
  • Determining residual beneficiaries and obtaining releases from them;
  • Preparing a final report and final payments to Beneficiaries.

While most estates resolve Efficiently and Collaborative, disputes do arise on occasion. When that happens, our Estate Litigation Lawyers can assist in advocating your concerns before the Court, or negotiating a fair and reasonable outcome to the dispute.

Whether you need Estate Planning, Estate Administration, or Estate Litigation, your first step is to schedule a Consultation with any of our skilled and experienced Wills and Estate Lawyers.

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