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Our Real Estate Lawyers are highly knowledgeable and skilled in dealing with all issues relating to residential, commercial, and agricultural real estate, having literally closed more than 10,000 transactions ON TIME ™ in their combined experience of nearly 100 years of legal practice.

Our Real Estate Lawyers Collaborate with our clients early on in the process, throughout the process, and stay involved actively with our clients until final closing reporting is completed.

We hold the federal Trademark registration for ON TIME ™, as we understand the most important thing to our clients is a stress-free, timely and Efficient ON TIME ™ closing. For purchasers, our Real Estate Lawyers and staff strive for Excellence in ensuring that you have possession the day of closing as scheduled. For sellers, our Real Estate Lawyers and staff strive for Excellence in ensuring that all pay-outs are completed and that final reporting is in your hands the day of closing.

Our Real Estate Lawyers and staff always work hard to pro-actively resolve the myriad of issues that can arise in a Real Estate Transaction in a timely manner, which might include:
  • Ensuring your Real Property Report and Compliance are in Order;
  • Adjusting Municipal Taxes and rents, if any;
  • Establishing and Maintaining Holdbacks when needed;
  • Buying Title Insurance, when applicable;
  • For Condominiums, managing the Estoppel Certificate concerns;
  • Adjusting and assigning Surface Lease or Oilfield related caveats;
  • Ensuring Real Estate Agents are dealt with collaboratively, for Efficient in the field key releases possessions;
  • Pro-Actively Addressing and paying out Writs, CRA Claims, Builders Liens on Title, etc.;
  • Applying for and managing Municipal Permits.


Whether you are buying or selling, put our knowledge, experience, and commitment to ON TIME ™ closing to work for you by contacting any of our Real Estate Lawyers today for a no obligation consultation on the specifics of your Real Estate transaction.

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