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What is a Wrongful Dismissal Claim? 

While every employment relationship must come to an end, not all end in the same way. The relationship’s end can come by resignation, retirement, or the most dreaded option: termination. Types of Termination Termination (also called “dismissal” or being “fired”) takes place when an employer ends the employment relationship unilaterally, without the prior agreement of […]

Which is the Right Legal Structure for Your Business?

Starting a business is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. As a new entrepreneur in Alberta, it is crucial to make informed decisions, including selecting the appropriate legal structure for your business. The legal structure you choose will not only impact how your business operates, but also determine your personal liability, tax […]

What is a “Roll-Over” for my Business?


As you may already know, or as you may have read in other blogs on our website, a corporation has the status of a legal person in law. This means that the Corporation itself is separate and distinct from its shareholders and directors. As such, property owned by the corporation does not directly belong to […]

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